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Homework Sheet



Third Grade Newsletter

March 12th – 16th




©       Monday: read chapter 2 of Stone Fox; math; go over spelling and vocabulary words

©       Tuesday: read chapter 4 of Stone Fox; math; go over spelling and vocabulary words

©       Wednesday: No homework!

©       Thursday: review chapters 1-6 of Stone Fox; go over spelling and vocabulary words

©       Friday: Have a great weekend!

Spelling Words:

apple   beetle     bridle   cable    fizzle   jumble      maple      muffle

     needle   noodle    unable   unstable   impossible      unstoppable

Vocabulary Words:

examine- to look at closely and carefully

forehead- the part of the face above the eyes

irrigation- supplying land with water, irrigating

credit- a trust in a person’s ability and intention to pay

determined- firm; with the mind made up

gully- a ditch made by heavy rains or running water

ricocheting- the skipping or jumping motion of an object after it bounces off a flat surface

enabled – to make able; give ability, power or means to

amateur- a person who does something for pleasure, not money

plead- to ask in a begging way


©       This week we will begin reading Stone Fox. Our comprehension test will be next Wednesday, March 21st.

©       We are also continuing to follow the Iditarod race in Alaska. Ask your child about their musher and follow them by going to

©     On Thursday we will have a math fact review test on sets 7 & 8. On Friday we will have a cold read test.

©     Our spelling and vocabulary tests will be next Friday, March 23rd.

©     Cookie Dough orders and money are due on Wednesday.


Dates to remember:   

February 28th – March 14th – Cookie Dough Sale

March 8th – Spring pictures                              

March 15th – Report Cards  

March 16th – Break the Rules Day                              

March 26th – 30th – Spring Break    

April 20th – Spring Fling