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Homework Sheet

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Third Grade Newsletter

January 19th


Comprehension Skill: theme

Phonics Skill: suffixes _er, _est, _ly, _ful

Fluency Skill: phrasing

Language Skill:   commas

Math Skill: division


©      Monday: No school! J

©      Tuesday weather day

©      Thursday: weather day

©      Friday: Have a great weekend!! J

Spelling Words


banjo       basic       began       biped       bison       cabin       condo       dilute

     focus       hotel       untidy     craziness     reopen       evenly       equally

Vocabulary Words:

dull- not shiny

tower- to be very tall over something shorter

masterpiece- a great piece of art

heritage- memories and traditions of your family’s past

ruined- no longer any good

crept- moved slowly and carefully so that you wouldn’t be seen or heard

glorious- something that is so wonderful that you can hardly believe it

memory- something you remember

streak- to move quickly from one place to another

yank- to give something a quick, hard pull


©      Our comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary tests will be next Tuesday, January 23rd.

©      Biography projects are now due on Wednesday, January 30th. Please have posters ready to turn in on that day. Students will get a reading grade and a social studies grade for this.

Dates to remember:                        

January 30th- Biography projects due

January 29th- February 2nd – Book Fair

January 30th- Family Fun Night “Blazers and Books” 5:30-6:30