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Homework Sheet



Third Grade Newsletter

April 23rd – 26th


Comprehension Skill: make inferences

Phonics Skill: _tion and _sion

Fluency Skill: punctuation

Math Skill: area and perimeter


This week’s homework:

©      Read for 10 minutes each night

©      study spelling words

©      study vocabulary words

Spelling Words

amber   arcade   barber  blubber     elder     florist     forbid     garlic

       gurgle     parsnip     preform     imperfect   disarm   inform   disorder

Vocabulary Words:

bristly- covered with short, stiff hairs

dreadful- scary or terrible

adamant- very determined and not willing to change your mind

inevitable- cannot be avoided or stopped

summoning- calling for a person to come to you

nuisance- something or someone that bothers you

sedentary- to spend much time seated; with little physical activity

oblige- to do as someone asks in order to help them

boasting- telling other people wonderful things about yourself

sway- move slowly back and forth


©      This week we are continuing our unit on Charlotte’s Web. This Wednesday we will have a vocabulary test and spelling test. On Thursday we will have a test on chapters 7-12.

©      Thursday is “Fun in the Sun” Day, This is a reward for doing your best on the test. Wear tennis shoes, comfortable clothes, sunscreen, hat, and bring a water bottle or Gatorade. We’ll have a kickball tournament and a picnic outside.

Dates to remember:                        

April 23rd – Progress Reports

April 27th – Weather Day – No School

May 4th – Field Day

May 9th – Field Trip to Baron’s game