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Weekly Activities  



Mrs.Bell's Class

Welcome to the New Year!






Our Week

Phonics Skill:  CVC,  VC, CV

Comprehension Skill:  Setting  


                                     see our second grade times on

Fluency Skill:      Dibels                  newsletter page.

Language Skill:   Adjectives  and pronouns              

Math Skill: Subtraction

Science/Social Studies:  Tool of the scientist

                                     MLK jr.


 Spelling Words:                                               Vocabulary Words:           


spelling words and Vocabulary are on the newsletter page.  Vocabulary will come from our science lessons.  Each child has a purple vocabulary page in their binder.




If you make any changes to your child's going home plans, please send that information in writing with your signature and a phone number; always include bus numbers, drivers and an address for drop off. 

Please remember to send money in an envelope with a reason i written on the envelope and your child's name!  I can not take money without knowing the purpose.  I can not take a child's word for the money.