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Second Grade Times

September 25-29 


Phonics Skill:  short vowels, blends, consonant digraphs

Comprehension Skill:  making predictions; using prior knowledge

Fluency Skill:  intonation

Language Skill:  inflections –ed and –ing (dropping the final e); nouns

Math Skill number patterns, comparing numbers

Science/Social Studies:  collecting and sharing data using the 5 senses




©      Monday read fluency passage and answer questions; study spelling words

©      Tuesday:  read Winners Never Quit; read fluency passage; review vocabulary words; math worksheet

©      Wednesday:  No homework!

©      Thursday:  read fluency passagestudy spelling words for tests tomorrow

©      Friday:  Have a great weekend!! 


  Spelling Words:                           Vocabulary Words:

truck    I         dock                           technique              specially

sand      sack      he                           struggle                traction

we         hot       him                          agile                      spectator

tip         slap      go                            worthwhile            competitive

lift         rat      brim

lab         cub      elf

be          test                  




©      Book Fair will be here all week.

©      Open House is Tuesday, September 26, 6:00-7:30. Please come visit our classroom to see all the wonderful things we’ve been doing!

©      We will have a Kona Ice sale Wednesday, September 27. Kona Ice is $3.

©      We will have a Spirit Sale Friday.

©      We will dismiss at 11:30 Friday for Homecoming.

©      Homecoming Dress-Up Days

Monday- Decade Day

Tuesday-Camo Day

Wednesday-Color War/green

Thursday-Jersey Day          Friday- Moody and neon





Our class NEWSLETTERS can be found at this link.