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November 6-9  

Second Grade Times

November 6-9


Phonics Skill:  final, stable syllables: -ble, -dle, -fle, -gle, -ple, -tle

Comprehension Skill: author’s purpose

Fluency Skill:  punctuation

Language Skill:  abbreviations

Math Skill: 2 digit addition; addition strategies




©      Monday: read fluency passage; answer questions; math sheet

©      Tuesdayread Jamaica Louise James; fluency passage; math sheet; study for tests on Wednesday

©      Thursday: Have a wonderful weekend!! J


      Spelling Words:                              Vocabulary Words:   

ham    plot    stamp                                           renowned      adorned                 

grit    frog   thump                                           original          kin                        

crash tuck   theft                                            filthy           executive             

rich    shin    storm                                            beautifying     fellow         

bus    lost    turn                                                

curb   burst hurt

burn   dart                                              


©      Due to the Veteran’s Day program on Thursday, we will have our spelling test and phonics test on Wednesday this week.

©      The 2nd Grade Veterans Day Program is Thursday, November 9 at 8:30am at Bethel Baptist Church.  Students need to wear jeans and a red, white, or blue shirt. You do not want to miss this!

©      Our first field trip will be November 30 to Santa’s Village in Huntsville. Money and permission forms are due on Wednesday, November 8.

©      We will have no school Friday, November 10. Happy Veterans Day!!

©      Progress reports will come home Monday, November 14.

©      November 16 the lunchroom will be making their Thanksgiving feast. If you would like to come and eat the price for a guest meal is $5. This includes your meal, drink and dessert.

©      School will be closed November 20-24 for the Thanksgiving holidays.

©      Our class Christmas party will be Tuesday, December 12. Please make plans to join us. A note with more details about the party will come home soon.