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March 5-9  

Second Grade Times

                      March 5th-9th


Phonics Skill:  a after w or qu; spelling with final c; scribal o

Comprehension Skilluse story structure

Fluency Skill:   expression

Language Skill:   subject-verb agreement

Math Skill:  counting money and telling time



©     Monday:  read fluency passage and answer questions

©     Tuesdayread A Chair for My Mother;read fluency passage; math sheet

©     Thursday: read fluency passage

©     Friday:  Have a wonderful weekend!! 


          Spelling Words:                                                                                            Vocabulary Words:


          tail              oil                pail                        nutrient         roots        

          island           sleepy          chimp                    stem              amphibian

          snow            ouch             smooth                  camouflage      prey

          trouble        snore           snail                      predator        habitat

          rust             paint            father                   food chain

          stitch          learn            stretch       

          listen           air    




©     2nd Grade spring picture day is Thursday, March 8.

©     Report cards come home on Friday, March 9.

©     Break the rules day will be Friday, March 16. $1 per broken rule.

©     Spring Break will be March 26-30.

©     Field day shirt orders are due April 5.

©     Science vocabulary test will be Friday, April 6.

©     Spring Fling will be Friday, April 20. Please plan to attend and volunteer to work our game. It will be a lot of fun! More information will be coming home soon.