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Class List  

Miss Fuller’s Kindergarten Class


Maxwell Abrams

Kylee Argo

Elaine Davis

Mason Ford

Noah Godfrey

Colton Hale

Gibson Hart-Patterson

Grace Hernandez

Aiden Hughes

Cason Jackson

Kensley Longacre

Tiffany Melvin

Madden McKeever

Courtney Miller

Leland Payton

Harris Segars

Hali Sierra Guevara

Parker Warren

Kayla Watford

Jayden Watson

Kindergarten Survival Guide  


Main Office: 205-640-2180           Fax: 205-640-4971

Lunchroom: 205-640-2193

Address: 1006 HL Blocker Circle Moody, AL 35004

MES Website:

St. Clair County Schools website:

Ms.Fuller’s Email Address:


Ms. Fuller’s Remind 101 Information:

Send text to # ____________         Text this message: ______________



$ School will begin at 7:45 each day. If your child arrives after 7:55, they will need to be checked in to the office by an adult. Please know that if your child is late they will miss out on very important instructional time. Often, there is a direct correlation between a child’s attendance and their academic success.


$ Children may not be dropped off at Car Riders before 7:15. Students who are dropped off by car or bus between 7:15 and 7:45 will have the option to purchase and eat breakfast in the lunchroom. If students are not eating lunch they will go to the gym to sit with their class. At 7:30 students will begin being escorted to their classrooms.


$ You may walk your child to the classroom for the first 3 days of school. After this point, your child needs to be dropped off in the car rider line or the bus in the mornings. Students arriving between 7:15 and 7:35 will go to the MMS gym, sit in their class line, and wait until they are escorted to their classroom.


$ You have the option of picking your child up at Car Riders at 11:30 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.


$ School will dismiss every day around 2:45. Car Riders and Bus Riders will begin loading at this time. Car Riders will end at 3:15. After 3:15 children who have not been picked up will be taken to the office.


$ Your child will need to wear their big, laminated name tag EVERY DAY for the first week of school. The information on the nametag will help me during dismissal until the children become familiar with the routine.


$ Anytime you come to the school please make sure you go by the office and obtain a hall pass.



! If your child arrives after 7:55, you must walk your child into the office.

! Your child will need to return from any absence with a doctor or parent excuse.

! Please see the SCC Student Handbook for information regarding the Tardy/Absence policies.

! If your child is absent/tardy a combination of 10 times, parents will be required to have a conference with the principal or assistant principal to discuss the issue.

! Excessive tardies/check-ins/check-outs/absences will be reported to Early Warning.



$ Your child will bring a Take-Home/GO Folder each day. PLEASE check this folder for completed work, letters, newsletters, etc. Please sign/initial your child’s calendar each day to indicate you have checked it. This is the primary source of communication between home and school. You will be receiving LOTS of important information in your child’s folder each week.


$ Inside this folder you will find a monthly calendar, weekly class newsletter, Behavior Calendar, homework, and completed classwork. Please remove all classwork and return the folder to school the next day. Do not remove the Behavior Calendar or monthly calendar.


$ Emails and notes are the best ways to contact me. I will not be able to take calls during the school day and may not be able to return a phone call until the next school day. If you need to speak with me in person please schedule a conference. You will not be permitted to walk to the classroom at any point during the day (including before and after school hours) unless you have already made arrangements with me.




! Your child will not be assigned homework this year. However, your child will greatly benefit from practicing what they learn at school while they're at home. If there is something specific your child needs to work on I will communicate with you and send home any needed materials.










* I cannot make change. Money cannot be separated for different uses. For example, lunch money, party money, and donation money must all be sent in separate envelopes with correct change in each. ALL MONEY NOT SENT IN A LABELED ENVELOPE WILL BE SENT BACK HOME.



$ Please make sure your child is dressed in clothing and shoes that are appropriate for playing, running, painting, etc. Your child should be able to easily and independently zip/unzip/button/etc. their clothing to use the restroom. They will be expected to tie their own shoes after Christmas break.


! Lunch is $2.25 a day or $11.25 a week.

! Breakfast is $1.25 a day or $6.25 a week.

! Please make sure your child has money in their account if they will be purchasing lunch in the lunchroom.

! If your child is bringing lunch from home, please make sure it is a healthy one. Please do not send sodas or anything that needs to be heated/refrigerated.

! We will begin encouraging the children to independently open packages and containers.

! If you come to eat lunch with your child, please get a pass from the office then meet us in the lunchroom.



$ Your child will need a snack every day.

$ Do not send snacks that are difficult for your child to open. Please remember this is just a snack and time will be limited.

$ Only clear liquids and dry snacks are allowed. NO pre-packaged fruit cups, please.

$ Lunch and snack will need to be sent in separate containers that are clearly labeled with your child’s name. Please make sure your child is aware of which container is snack and which is lunch.



! We will have two class parties per year: Christmas and End-of-the-Year.

! Parents are encouraged to attend these parties and take part in the festivities.

! We will celebrate other holidays with Special Snacks. Parents will be notified of specific items that need to be sent to school by a specific date. The teacher will distribute the snacks.



! Kindergarten birthdays are important!

! We can celebrate your child’s birthday during lunch or snack time.

! Parents are welcome to send STORE BOUGHT cookies, cupcakes, cookie cake, doughnuts, popsicles, etc. on their child’s birthday.

! Please notify the teacher if you plan on bringing something for your child’s birthday.


! While attendance is very important, your child’s health must come first. If your child is showing signs of illness, please do not send him/her to school.

! If he/she has a fever, has been vomiting, or shows signs of illness, please wait 24 hours before sending them back to school.

! Teachers are NOT allowed to give out medications of any kind. You will need to see the nurse if any medications will need to be administered at school.


! You will be given a car rider tag tonight. You need to use the car tag from the CURRENT school year - not an old tag from a previous year.

! Additional tags can be purchased for $1.00.

! Please keep the tag even if your child is not usually a car rider.

! Car Rider tags will need to be displayed in order for you to pick up your child.

! Do not take the tag down until your child has been loaded into the car.

! If the person picking up your child does not have a car tag, they will have to check your child out in the office. This is for the safety of your children! J


We are going to have a fantastic year together!


Thanks so much!

Ms. Fuller