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Second Grade Times

November 7th - 11th


 Phonics Skill:              

Comprehension Skill:       plot, character, setting

Fluency Skill:                   reading rate

Language Skill:                capitallization

Math Skill:                       two-digit addition



©      Monday: Begin reading ; math sheet lesson 4.1;                          

©      Tuesday: Finish reading ; math sheet 4.2;

©      Wednesday: math sheet 4.3; study for reading, voc., and spelling tests; write spelling words 2 times each.

©      Thursday: reading, voc., and spelling tests

©      Friday:       Happy Veterans' Day!! J


                        Spelling Words:                  Vocabulary Words:







©       I will be sending home a stack of graded papers tomorrow.  Sorry they are late.  Please sign and return them.

©        There will be no school on Friday in observance of Veterans' Day.