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Leslee Stead Staff Photo

Mrs. Stead`s Class Newsletter 


Mrs. Stead’s First Grade News

11-7 to 11-10


Math: Begin chapter 2=simple subtraction

Reading: phonics= /ng/

Storytown story: Soccer Song

Story element: Plot

Language: Contractions

Social Studies/Science: Election & Veterans

Spelling words:  long, song, thing, swing, bring

         up, each, about, how, will

Story words: your, feet, head, use, arms, way, school,every 

Vocabulary: superb, awkward, athletic


Homework: Read book in the Ziplock bag and Storytown story in reading book. Do reading passage nightly.


1. Nacho/pickle sale is Thursday

2. No school on Friday (11-11).

3. $10.00 for Christmas activities/party is due on Friday, Nov. 18th.