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Second Grade Times

January 8-12


Phonics Skill: ai, ay, soft c

Comprehension Skill: read ahead

Fluency Skill: intonation  

Language Skill: adjectives with senses

Math Skill: three digit addition

Science/Social Studies: What is a Scientist?




©     Monday: read fluency passage and answer questions

©     Tuesday: readfluency passage; math worksheet; study spelling and vocabulary words

©     Thursday: read fluency passage; math worksheet; study spelling words

©     Friday: Have a wonderful weekend!! 



   Spelling Words:               Vocabulary Words:

spin  bump   scrap                    conclusion         inquiry

melt  smell   quest                    hypothesis        observe

art   cord    brush                    data                 tool

shock cook   cluster                  material            technology

drill  fuss    champ                   invent               goal

are   said     says                     simple machine

want what





©     Vocabulary words are now part of our science lessons. Our first vocabulary/science test will be given the last week of January.

©     No school January 15 for MLK Day.

©     Book Fair will be January 29-February 2.

©     Cookie Dough fundraiser will being February 6.

©     No school February 18 for Presidents Day.