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PLEASE READ! EdSTREAM-ly Important News

April 29th - Pre-registration for current EdSTREAM members. You will get to rollover your membership to the new school year. 

May 24th - This is the last day of school.

June 3rd - This is the first day of camp.

June 10th and 17th (4:00 PM-6:00 PM) - Registration for new students for the new school year. Keep in mind, all EdSTREAM members get to rollover their membership. All members will get to pre-register in May. We will have only a few spots to fill. It is first come first serve. 

July 4th - Camp will be closed to observe the holiday.

July 26th - This is the last day of camp.

If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please print, complete and email a registration form to You will be notified when or if space is available. You do not pay the registration fee until you are accepted into the program.

Registration Form: CLICK HERE

Program Information

Morning Care Drop Off Information - Drop off for morning care can begin at 6:30 AM. You must be dropped off by 7:00. If you are later than that, you will need to contact Mr. Tuggle. The program is located in the MES EdSTREAM Gym. You will enter the campus from the middle driveway. Drive around the parking lot to the awning. Follow the sidewalk to the door.

Afternoon Care Pick Up Information - The program is located in the MES EdSTREAM Gym. You will enter the campus from the middle driveway. Drive around the parking lot to the awning. Follow the sidewalk to the door. You will need your car tag OR a driver’s license to pick up.

Program Purpose

Moody Elementary School offers MES EdSTREAM as a supplemental service that provides Morning Care, Afternoon Care and Camps. Only current Moody Elementary School students are eligible for participation in MES EdSTREAM morning care, afternoon care and/or camps. Transfer requests will not be considered. This program is optional. It is not a requirement. The program is a high quality enrichment experience, providing opportunities for growth and development of children in grades K-3rd with activities such as stations and workshops (examples of stations and workshops includes: organized games, physical activities, robotics, art, computer lab, etc.). The purpose of these stations and workshops is to foster creativity, build curiosity and encourage learning.

Hours of Operation and Site

Morning Care: 6:30 A.M. until 7:30 A.M. Afternoon Care: School Dismissal until 6:00 P.M.
The program begins the first day of school in August and ends on the last school day in May. We do provide mini camps during certain holidays. When the school is closed for inclement weather, our program will be closed. When this happens, look for updates on the MES website, MES Facebook page and MES EdSTREAM Facebook page. We will be offering a summer camp in June and July. The children enrolled in MES EdSTREAM (Morning Care and Afternoon Care) are given priority.
The program is located in the MES EdSTREAM Gym. Where you see the three driveways, you will enter the campus with the middle driveway. Drive around the parking lot to where the awning begins. Follow that sidewalk to the double doors. You will need your car tag OR a driver’s license to pick up.

Rates and Payment Procedures

Registration Fee: $25.00 per child (This is a non-refundable, one time payment for Morning Care or Afternoon Care. If your child attends both, only one registration fee is needed.)
Morning Care Weekly Fee: $20.00 per child (We do not offer daily rates or prorated rates. We do not allow daily drop ins.)
Afternoon Care Weekly Fee: $65.00 per child (We do not offer daily rates or prorated rates. We do not allow daily drop ins.)
All payments are due on Mondays. Checks should be made payable to MES. Please include your phone number on each check. Payments must be given to the site director. Past due accounts will require an additional $5.00 late fee per week per child. Parents will be contacted if a check is returned from the bank. Returned checks will be sent to Envision for collection. All correspondence will be handled by Envision. There is a $30.00 service charge for all returned checks. All future payments will result in cash, money order or cashier’s check ONLY. If an account becomes more than two weeks late, the child will not be allowed to stay in the program. A child can be removed if late payments continue to occur.
Late Pick Up Fee: We charge $1.00 per minute after 6:00 P.M.
Our program is funded 100% by the weekly fees. We DO NOT receive any state or federal funding.

Discipline Policy

Our staff will implement our discipline policy fairly, consistently and in a developmentally appropriate manner. Student safety is a major consideration. Our staff will not use any form of corporal punishment.
The following procedures will be used for refocusing and redirecting a child’s behavior.

  1. If a student has inappropriate behavior, a member of the staff will meet with him/her. A clear explanation will be given of what is expected.
  2. If behavior does not change, the student will be placed in “time out” for a period of time.
  3. If the student fails to respond, he/she will be written up. This will require a parent conference with the site director. The student will be dismissed from the program if written up three times.

Students Are Expected To:

  1. Follow the MES EdSTREAM rules. You will receive a copy.
  2. Follow the MES handbook.
  3. Follow the St. Clair County Board of Education Code of Conduct.
  4. Remain with the staff in designated MES EdSTREAM areas.
  5. Show respect for others, staff and equipment.

Parents Are Expected To:

  1. Direct all concerns to the site director.
  2. Make all payments on time to the site director.
  3. Pick up your child if notified of illness or disciplinary issues.
  4. Present car tag or driver’s license to sign out your child each day.
  5. Pick up your child by 6:00 P.M. each day.

Our program reserves the right to remove any child for inappropriate behavior.
The program will maintain a 15:1 student/staff ratio

Summer Camp

We also offer a Summer Camp for June and July. This year's theme will be Monsters, Inc. It will be a BIG monsterous summer with BIG fun. We will take weekly trips to Splash Adventure. We will also take weekly field trips to some pretty cool places. Trips will be announced later. We will be open from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM. This is a camp experience. It is very fast paced with lots of outside activities. We will get hot and we will sweat, but it'll be lots of fun. This program is optional. The current cost is a $200 registration fee per child and a $125 weekly fee per child. The $200 registration fee covers the costs of ALL the field trips. The program is eight weeks long. The commitment is for the entire program. We do not do drop in campers or partial campers. If you sign up, you are required to pay the entire amount even if you decide to drop out early. We provide breakfast, lunch and a snack daily.

The director of these programs is Jason Tuggle. He has been a teacher at MES for 23 years.

For more information on MES EdSTREAM, feel free to contact Jason Tuggle via email or at (205) 305-9204 or (205) 527-0742.


Morning Care, Afternoon Care and Camps